EARSC Award winners

Every year during our anniversary cocktail EARSC gives out awards to companies in the Earth Observation sector in 4 different categories.

The first and longest running award is the Company Award where we recognise the company considered in that year to have made a significant contribution to the development of the EO Services sector in Europe.

The second award is the Product Award recognizing the most innovative commercial product which supports sustainable development projects including the implementation of the SDGs at national, regional and/or local levels, and the monitoring and reporting against the global indicator framework.

The third award is the Partnership Award given under the CopHub.ac project  recognizing outstanding collaboration “from Research & Development to Innovation & Market” in public-private partnerships for the Copernicus user-uptake.

The last award is the Start-up Award recognizing the company considered in that year to have made significant impact and a new business model in the EO Services sector in Europe.

Press release

Company award: Planet Labs Germany

Product award: “Agriculture Index Insurance” by EARS

Partnership award: OrbitalEOS, SeaPulse, Valencia Univeristy & GoHub

Start-up award: Maptailor

Company award: Planetek Italia

Product award: “Waste from space” by Air and Space Evidence 

Company award: Deimos Imaging

Product award: “Rocket in your pocket” by Jeobrowser


Company award: GAF AG

GAF AG selected by EARSC as the European Earth Observation Company of the Year 2015

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