Working with Us

Much of EARSC’s work is on key projects which can help provide services to our members. Our aim is to leverage these projects to enable additional resources to apply to our key goals. These must be of benefit to all members and a key principle is that we shall not compete with members but will support them.

In this respect, EARSC will join proposals or lead activities if the goals are in line with the overall mission of the network and/or be relevant for the priorities set by the EARSC Board of Directors.

At EARSC, we value transparency very highly. Therefore, if we are invited to participate in a project, we may share certain information with members of our Board or other members but all the time respecting the confidential nature of key information. EARSC is not one organisation but a representation of all our members.

Use the tabs below to learn about our policy for becoming involved in projects, what skills we bring to the table and what kind of projects we lend our support to.

As a trade association EARSC can be invited to be part of a consortium to make a proposal or may wish to bid for such a project on its own. EARSC has defined guidelines to ensure a fair and transparent treatment of its members.

The Secretary General and the Project Officers will review the opportunities using specific criteria:

  • Benefit for the Industry: the project shall contribute to the whole Industry (ie not benefitting just one company) and be aligned with EARSC’s pillars (Represent the members, Develop the market, Show the value of the sector, Tools for promoting the industry). Results of the project may be shared with EARSC members.
  • Non-exclusive: If invited, EARSC may support multiple bids in response to the same tender. In this case, EARSC will strictly respect the confidentiality of competing proposals and will not transmit information from one to another.
  • Commitment: the level of EARSC effort shall be consistent with the resources available without disrupting delivery of other EARSC services. In the event of being invited by multiple teams for competing proposals, if the total effort is too high, a first come first served policy will apply.
  • No competition: In general, EARSC will not lead a bid for a project which may be in competition with a member. Exceptions shall be where multiple projects may be awarded (typically H2020) and/or it is agreed by the EARSC board of directors that the common interest of the membership overrides the interest of one or more members in the bidding team.
  • Strategic: The project could have a strategic or policy relevant dimension which could be a determining factor in whether and how to bid.

The ultimate decision to bid will be taken by the EARSC Board of Directors.

In participating to projects, EARSC has a number of key skills and competences to offer.

  • Community management: EARSC is a community of companies involved in the generation and delivery of EO services. The EARSC secretariat manages and animates this community and we can bring these skills to manage and animate other communities of interest.
  • Communications & Outreach: EARSC can use its position at the heart of the EO services community to promote key project results and to raise awareness. In addition to the industrial community, EARSC has many partners and is well known and recognised by key stakeholders in Europe and globally. EARSC also has many channels and tools to support communication and outreach activities.
  • Partnerships: One of our key activities is to help companies find partners for their business activities. These may be in the sector or in other sectors. EARSC can facilitate the search for partners amongst its members and to extend this into a wider EO-related community (ie those interested in the supply of services, those interested to by users of services and those which can offer support to companies through specific skills (finance, legal etc).
  • Market Intelligence: Through our survey and value-chain analysis work we gain insights into the market for EO services which can be used to help find new openings for members supplying services.
  • Business support: Through several projects, EARSC has experience in analysing and supporting the sustainability of the project. In other words, how the results of the project can be turned into exploitation and leading to sustainability.
  • Events: EARSC is able to organise dedicated events and may undertake to do so for projects if the wider interests of our community are present. This is a way of leveraging the strong network which we have developed and are able to maintain.

We are often asked to provide letters of support for proposers which often involves sitting on an advisory board. We are wiling to provide letters of support according to the following criteria:

  • Requests from members will normally be accepted
  • Requests from non-members will be considered if there are one or more member companies from EARSC in the proposal team.
  • Requests from non-members with no member in the team will usually be refused unless there is a clear interest for the EARSC community and this is not in conflict with proposals from members.

The letter of support will offer one or more of the following:

  • Distribution of project results amongst EARSC members
  • Promotion of the results through our usual channels

We are also willing to consider the following activities provided any costs incurred are covered by the eventual project:

  • Participation to an advisory board
  • Participation to events organised by the project team (reviews, workshops etc)
  • Participation of the project to EARSC events

Organisation of dedicated events (to be discussed with respect also to direct participation in the project).

EARSC is also be able to use its network and especially the Community of Members to help others find suitable partners for projects and proposals. We value highly our neutrality and so any brokerage will be open to all companies although we may use our knowledge of the members activities to filter interests or to make a pre-selection of possible partners.

Any outside organisation wishing to seek a partner from our Community should first of all turn to eoPages which is designed in part to offer this service. For guidance in the use of eoPages, contact us.

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