Market Development and Internationalisation

EARSC is engaged in a wide range of activities to develop new markets and business opportunities for our members. Our strategy is to engage users, identify needs and stimulate demand for European EO services both in Europe and abroad with complementary commercial and geographical approaches.

Through the FIRE project EARSC is engaging with relevant market leaders across Europe to understand their needs and help the EO sector develop and deliver appropriate answers those needs. Through the e-shapeproject, EARSC is engaging with end users across Europe and the world to promote and support the EuroGEO e-shape Pilot services.


As a Participating Organisation in GEO, and part of the EuroGEO Coordination Group, EARSC is actively engaged in stimulating the uptake of EO services globally. Through GEO, we promote not only European solutions, but the value of EO more generally, helping governments see the value of EO services, thereby stimulating global demand for the EO sector.

EARSC has a dedicated Internationalisation strategy, which outlines our approach to promoting international competitivity and developing new markets for our members to export EO products and services. We have a dedicated Working Group of members dedicated to developing a coherent and cohesive approach to this highly valued activity.

EARSC has recently been awarded the Cluster Go International project, ConnectEO, which aims to promote European EO services in Australia and Chile with dedicated trade missions and financial support to members access these markets and providing material to members to help them investigate and open up other markets of interest to them.


EARSC has a strong network of international partners facilitating our members’ entry into a range of global markets.

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