Showing the Value of Earth Observation

The Earth observation sector delivers a wide range of social and environmental and economic benefits to citizens of Europe and the world. To properly and consistently value these impacts, EARSC leads the Sentinel Benefits Study (SeBS) project in which we measure the total societal impact of products and services coming from Sentinel satellite data. The starting point is the primary user of the satellite data, followed by a step-by-step analysis whereby the operations of beneficiaries in each subsequent link of the value chain are analysed, all the way down to citizens and society.

Through the fully open methodology, we have shown that millions of Euros of benefit can flow from individual services. See the project site for more detail. This project and methodology forms the basis of the GEO Community Activity on showing the value of EO, GEOValue.

To date in the SeBS project we have analysed 8 full cases and 5 short cases . If you have a potential case, get in touch!

EARSC also conducts a regular Industry Survey into the total employment and turnover of the Earth observation sector in Europe. you can read the latest report here which shows total employment of 8,400 employees, a steady growth rate of 10% and an annual turnover of 1.25 b€.

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