Representing the members

The core pillar of our activities is to support and promote our members. We achieve this in part through the fees which members pay but mainly through projects which we undertake (see projects). All the projects which we undertake have the goal to support members.

Members are kept informed through a monthly report and through a dedicated portal that carries important news and information – including announced bid opportunities – and dedicated e-mails for key items.

Members’ views are gathered through a series of ad-hoc working groups dedicated to important topics. These meet on a “needs” basis ie when there is a need to promote or develop positions. The key working groups are listed below. They are open to all full members. If a member wishes to join any of these groups please mail to or to the named secretariat person who is responsible.


Working group Description Chairman Secretariat
Green Deal The overarching purpose of the WG is to advocate increased use of EO for the Green Deal strategy encouraging the EU to adopt EO contribution through statements, position papers, showcases, ensuring awareness of the industry contribution responding to the monitoring needs for the Green Deal implementation. Agnieszka Lukaszczyk Michelle Hermes & Monica Miguel-Lago 
Defence and civil security  The overall objective of the working group is to elaborate a clear and coherent industry position on the Defence and Civil Security matters in the context of the evolution of the Copernicus programme. Celestino Gómez Cid Michelle Hermes
ESA Ministerial This group meets in the period leading up to the ESA Ministerial and between times if necessary, to reflect on ESA strategy and policy towards the EO services sector. Chetan Pradhan  Emmanuel Pajot
Internationalisation The internationalisation w/g oversees and guides the EARSC strategy to help companies develop business in markets outside Europe. Celestino Gomez Tanya Walker
Copernicus Evolution  This group meets to gather views linked to the EU Copernicus programme. As this evolves the group meets to prepare position papers setting out the EO services industry views on aspects of the programme. Celestino Gomez Michelle Hermes
Small Company Forum The SCF is open to companies with less than 20 employees and provides the opportunity to meet peers and to exchange on experiences and challenges. It normally meets twice per year – once during ExpandEO – and guest speakers are invited to provide views and information on relevant subjects. Marc Tondriaux Francesco Casaril
Open Source Initiative This group meets to develop a view on the use and access to open software. It links to several policy topics Codrina Ilie Monica Miguel-Lago
Local & Regional This group meets to exchange practices and markets for local and regional authorities. Marc Tondriaux Chris Oligschlaeger


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