About Earth Observation

Earth Observations can provide added value in many ways and in many sectors.
Discover below some examples of how EARSC Observations are being used.

Sentinel Benefits Studies

Through a series of Sentinel Benefits case studies (SeBS), EARSC is gathering quantitative evidence that the use of Copernicus Sentinel data provides an effective and convenient support to various market application. These studies analyse and demonstrate the impact that EO data makes along a value chain of users, They are carried out in the frame of the study “Showcasing the benefits brought by the usage of Sentinels data to society, environment and economy”, under an assignment from the European Space Agency (ESA) funded by the EU in the frame of the Copernicus programme.

Discover all SeBS case studies case on the SeBS website


The EOwiki is a great resource for understanding Earth Observation applications in all their variants. Explanations supported by examples and case studies are presented based on the EARSC Taxonomy which identifies a full range of products coming from Earth Observation services and describes their application.

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