Tools for promoting the Industry

EARSC employs a range of sophisticated digital tools to promote the European EO sector. EARSC has three main digital tools which cover creating a shared vocabulary (EARSC TAXONOMY) , providing a common space to find EO companies, and a common space to discover ‘online’ EO services.

The EARSC EOWiki has been developed a tool to improve understanding and communication between different communities.

Earth observation technologies can be applied and bring value to a wide range of downstream sectors. Most of these sectors have their own terminology and jargon, as, of course, does the EO sector. To help understand the challenges and opportunities and facilitate communication across these downstream communities, EARSC has developed a comprehensive Taxonomy, allowing all interested parties access to a shared vocabulary, and a description of applications relevant to each challenge.

The main tool for exploring the Taxonomy, and the challenges within each sector is the EOwiki. This wiki provides a space to explore the services in context and includes additional resources such as technology watch and success stories to give a comprehensive overview of EO services as they relate to different downstream sectors.


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Looking for a partner or service provider? Need a consultant help you build a service for you?

As the name suggests, EOpages provides a simple to use search tool for users to find European companies and services across the entire EO sector. Just let your fingers do the walking!

Looking for an online EO service you can use right now?

European EO service providers are more and more providing EO services in an online, ready-to-use way. EARSC has developed EOmall to allow users to find digital services matching their needs that you can buy and use immediately – no long discussions or negotiations, just browse the product galleries, and click through to the site of your choosing to purchase and benefit. Try it now.

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