EARSC Product Award 2024

EARSC 2024 EOProduct Award

Who can join?
Are you an Earth Observation company based in the EU or an ESA Member state with an innovative value-added product* that supports the Green Deal Agenda and/or sustainable development? This is your chance to promote it!

Here’s how it works:

  • Submit your application through the form.
  • Using the criteria mentioned below, the EARSC Secretariat will select 5 applications to be submitted to the jury.
  • Our esteemed jury, composed of internationally recognised experts, will carefully select the winner among the 5 applications.
  • The winners will be announced at EXPANDEO 2024 cocktail

Deadline for submissions: March 15

Evaluation Criteria: 

  • The product will be assessed according to the solution it provides/challenge it helps address, its scalability and replicability, methodology used to develop it and potential barriers/challenges faced during development. 
  • The product will be assessed according to how it contributes to, supports or helps implement the Green Deal Agenda and/or Sustainable Development, as well as its the potential socio-economic and environmental benefits it provides.
  • Finally, the product’s effectiveness and long-term sustainability will be assessed. 

Got questions? Reach out to Francesco Casaril at francesco.casaril@earsc.org

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this exciting opportunity! Apply now and let your EO innovation shine!


*Value-added Earth observation products are built upon EO satellite data. The raw data collected by Earth observation sensors is processed, analysed, or interpreted in order to provide additional insights and value that may not be directly observable from the raw satellite data. These value-added products are typically generated through the application of algorithms, models, or other analytical techniques to the raw data, resulting in more meaningful and actionable information for users.



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