EARSC Awards

Every year, the EARSC Awards recognise outstanding companies, products and Start-Ups for their contribution to the European Earth Observation sector. Depending on the Award, the winners are chosen by a combination of votes from EARSC members, the EARSC Secretariat, a jury of renowned international experts and for the first time ever, the EXPANDEO audience. All 3 Award-winners will be announced during the EXPANDEO Awards ceremony.

This is your opportunity to follow in the steps of previous award winners and benefit from the prestige of winning an EARSC award! (see previous year’s press release).

The Company Award, the first and longest-running award, recognises a company considered to have made a significant contribution to the development of the EO services sector in Europe.

The Product Award recognises a value-added product that supports, contributes to or helps implement the Green Deal Agenda and/or Sustainable Development.

The Start-Up Award recognises a start-up in the European EO services sector that has shown innovative and impactful solutions, as well as a sustainable and coherent business model.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us via email: francesco.casaril@earsc.org

Previous EARSC awards winners:

Press release

Company award: CloudFerro

Product award:  e-geos (Hyperspectral Fire Hazard Map)

Start-up award:  Constellr

Press release

Company award: Kayrros SAS

Product award: “AgroSoil” by GAF AG 

Partnership award: “Hypos” by EOMAP, SMHI, NTNU, CNR, Gruner-Stucky

Start-up award: OilX Ltd

EARSC Awards 2022

Press release

Company award: Iceye Oy

Product award: “Industrial methane monitoring” by GHGSat Inc

Partnership award: “Humanitarian downstream service” by Spatial Services GmbH and University of Salzburg (PLUS) | Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS

Start-up award: LiveEO GmbH

EARSC Awards 2021 

Press release

Company award: Planet Labs Germany

Product award: “Agriculture Index Insurance” by EARS

Partnership award: OrbitalEOS, SeaPulse, Valencia Univeristy & GoHub Maptailor

Start-up award: Maptailor

Company award: Sinergise        Press Release

Product award: Silex Clouds “Dust Frequency Maps”  Press Release

Partnership award: OrbitalEOS, SeaPulse, Valencia Univeristy & GoHub

Company award: Planetek Italia            Press Release

Product award: “Waste from space” by Air and Space Evidence      Press Release

Press Release

Company award: Deimos Imaging

Product award: “Rocket in your pocket” by Jeobrowser

Press Release

Company award: GAF AG


Press Release

Company award: Geoville

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