EARSC EO Product Award 2022

EARSC EO product award 2022 will recognise a product that will support the Green Deal Agenda.

The European Commission is demonstrating unprecedented leadership with the Green Deal flagship to tackle climate change and will require an abundance of resources, including viable data and information which will allow governments to identify risks, tailor policy response and resource allocation, monitor progress and identify trends. 

The green transition must be complemented by the continued use and improvement of new datasets. Combining satellite data with measurements from ground-based instruments and exploiting deep technological approaches (e.g. artificial intelligence and machine learning) makes it possible to have a wide range of operational applications and services contributing to the Green Deal.

European EO industry can help achieve the Green deal set of policies by providing critical information to the Green Deal actions on climate, energy, agriculture, transport or environment.

Criteria to apply:

Companies registered in EU or ESA Member state countries.

Nomination’s schedule:

The competition will run until 4th of May 2022 during which time, the candidate companies may adapt an existing product, develop a new product or simply promote one they have already in their catalogue. Companies will be asked to provide a short summary of the results (recommendation not more than 4 pages) which will be used as a statement for the international jury (see criteria)

The award will be announced during the EARSC EXPANDEO annual cocktail where other EARSC Awards are also revealed. This is your opportunity to follow in the steps of previous award winners and benefit from the prestige of winning an EARSC award!

Criteria for evaluation:

Any European commercial product which will support the Green Deal agenda could prepare the application form including major findings:

Explain what type of product the company offers

Describe the challenge: What problem this product will solve/what solution will this provide?

How will this product contribute to the monitoring of a particular area on sustainable development with the Green Deal policy focus?

Explanation of the circumstances surrounding the development of this product and the identification of the policy area which supports

Expected impact to address 

To apply or if you have any questions, please contact info@earsc.org

Register to the EARSC Awards 2022 ceremony here.

Author: EARSC

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