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Venice and Padova , Italy
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November 02, 2017

IEOS2017 and Copernicus Training and Information Session
Kildare , Ireland
Thursday November 2, 2017 — Friday November 3, 2017

November 03, 2017

Tallinn , Estonia
Friday November 3, 2017 — Thursday November 9, 2017

November 06, 2017

Stockholm , Sweden
Monday November 6, 2017 — Wednesday November 8, 2017

November 07, 2017

Brussels , Belgium
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Hinxton, Cambridge , United Kingdom
Tuesday November 7, 2017

Maryland , USA
Tuesday November 7, 2017 — Thursday November 9, 2017
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NERC to review ESA contributions

A consultation meeting to review achievements of NERC??s investments into ESA??s environmental science programmes and future requirements for EOEP-3 The Natural Environment Research Council is to hold a consultation meeting on 27 June in London to review its spending on the European Space Agency's environmental science programmes and future requirements for the Earth Observation Envelope Programme. Info extracted from NERC and ResearchResearch

New Russian Space Programme drafted

The next decade will prove crucial for the Russian space program to be implemented from the period 2006-2015. The Economic Development and Trade Ministry, as well as the Ministry of Finance, will now coordinate this document more quickly. "We examined the program's innovative, intermediate and passive versions," Roskosmos (Federal Space Agency) director Anatoly Perminov noted. "We opted for an intermediate version, after heeding 305-billion-ruble budgetary appropriations,". Info resource at Russian news & information agency

Space: Research and Business Sector

(AGI) - Ancona, May 20 - The industry of the future cannot ignore space as a business factor, as well as European countries cannot do otherwise than overcome terrestrial frontiers to look for new strategies in quality of life. This perspective implies consistent investments in research and technology some do not want to face as the represent a certain risk potential. These were topics discussed at Ancona University during the conference of Italian university rectors, covering all topics related to space activities in five sessions. After Genoa and Naples the expert group arrived in Ancona to discuss "a European space policy: new strategies for innovation and competitiveness". Discussion was based on the seventh EU programme waiting to be definitely approved by the European Parliament. Info extracted from Agenzia Giornalistica Italia

European Space Imaging joins forces with Euromap

European Space Imaging announced that the company has started the distribution of imagery from the new IRS-RESOURCESAT-1 satellite to customers in Europe and North Africa. RESOURCESAT-1 collects imagery at resolutions ranging from 5 to 60 meter which complements European Space Imaging??s product suite of very high resolution IKONOS imagery of up to 80 cm resolution. Point of contact for media: European Space Imaging GmbH

EADS Astrium awarded Korea??s 1st geostationary multifunctional sat contract

EADS Astrium has been awarded a contract from the Korea Aerospace and Research Institute, KARI, to design and manufacture the first Korean multi-function geostationary satellite ?®COMS?∆. The highly advanced COMS satellite has three payloads; one for meteorology, one for ocean observation and one for communications. Info source at www.eads.net

New UNOSAT website with enhanced ergonomy, functionalities and databases

UNOSAT is a United Nations initiative to provide the humanitarian community with access to satellite imagery and Geographic Information System (GIS) services. The goal of UNOSAT is to make satellite imagery and geographic information easily accessible to the humanitarian community and to experts worldwide working to reduce disasters and plan sustainable development. To do this UNOSAT Group acquire satellite images from all commercial providers.

Invitation To Tender (ITT) on the DUE "Innovator- User Partnership"

Invitation To Tender (ITT) on the DUE, "Innovator - User Partnership " has been published on EMITS (ref. AO4808) with a closing date of 28 Juy 2005.
Companies are invited to submit bids for implementing and demonstrating innovative information services responding to the general objectives of the DUE programme.
One or several targeted end-users who are expected to benefit substantially from the proposed services are to be identified and engaged in advance and shall participate actively in the project. Service and product requirements are to be specified in advance at the initiative of the bidding team.
Source information ESA

In an increasingly global and complex world, standards are a vital

Various pieces of research have proved that they bring benefits, including significant economic benefits, to all stakeholders in a community, and to the community in its entirety. What is vital, however, is that the standards produced are appropriate, in particular that they meet the needs of the sector, are workable, and are produced and revised in a timely manner. This requires ongoing liaison with all stakeholders. The development of standards in the area of geographic information has been ongoing for some years now, with a considerable number of standards in the ISO 19100 series developed by ISO/ Technical Committee (TC) 211 and published since 2000. source at http://www.isotc211.org

Group on Earth Observations meets in Geneva

The intergovernmental Group on Earth Observations (GEO) held its first meeting at the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Headquarters in Geneva on May 3-4. Government representatives from 60 nations and the European Commission as well as members from over 40 international and intergovernmental organizations participated.

EUROGI's report on National Geographic Information Associations

This survey contains not only all European countries with an existing NGIA, but also those which are still trying to establish one. The report can be downloaded at www.eurogi.org

Alcatel and Finmeccanica Receive Approval from European Commission

Alcatel and Finmeccanica are delighted with the decision of the European Commission which has given its approval for the creation of the two companies, Alcatel Alenia Space and Telespazio.

source at spacenewsfeed

A new CIP Framework programme (2007-2013)

By tabling the first
?¨Competitiveness and Innovation framework Programme (CIP)?Æ the Commission has
adopted a coherent and integrated response to the objectives of the renewed

strategy. Running from 2007 to 2013,
it proposes a budget of more than EUR 4 billion over the 7 year period.

The proposal was

6th April
. It will be available soon on this page. The proposal will be
transmitted to the Council, the European Parliament, the European Economic and
Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions.

EIROforum launch of the Science Policy Paper

Towards a Europe of Knowledge and Innovation, the EIROforum paper on science policy

Helping SMEs manage innovation

Enterprise Europe, Brussels, 21 April 2005 ñ An opportunity to develop and test better services in support of innovation management is now open with the publication of a call for tender by the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry. The call will be open until 31st May 2005 and the total available budget is Ä5m.

Integrated Earth Observation System (IEOS) - U.S. component of GEOSS

Strategic plan for Earth observation system released

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) released a broad government plan April 18 that aims to foster a better understand of the Earth as an integrated system. The Integrated Earth Observation System (IEOS) will be the U.S. component of the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS), a long-range plan involving almost 60 countries dedicated to improving collection and sharing of data from weather stations, satellites, ocean buoys and other observation instruments all over the world.

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