Upcoming workshop on the involvement of the EO industry sector in EuroGEO

30th May 2024



The EuroGEO Secretariat (EuroGEOSec) project is a Horizon Europe support action aiming to prepare the transition of the EuroGEO initiative into a sustainable endeavour. The EuroGEO Secretariat will coordinate the EuroGEO Ecosystem, to combine European R&I and business activities within the GEO activities and to cooperate with all the actors of the EO sector, supporting the EuroGEO initiative in delivering operational capabilities.

EuroGEO itself is the European contribution to GEO and a pioneering initiative focused on advancing Earth Observation in Europe. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, EuroGEO plays a key role in coordinating efforts, fostering collaboration and promoting the use of Earth Observation for the benefit of society and the environment.

The initial findings of the EuroGEO survey, carried out within the framework of the EuroGEOSec project, show a significant response rate from the industry, accounting for around 30% of the total respondents (79 respondents). This percentage shows that the private sector and industry are interested in research to business projects falling under the EuroGEO umbrella.

These initial findings therefore show that the private sector is a major stakeholder in the EuroGEO landscape. As opposed to the other regional GEOs, Europe has a large number of SMEs. The active involvement of the private sector in EuroGEO, showcasing its capabilities and services, makes EuroGEO unique and is a true strength. Hence, the private sector and the industry are key for the uptake of EuroGEO solutions and for promoting business models.

In this context, EARSC is supporting the building of the future EuroGEO community, coordinating the liaison with the EO industry.

The aim of this initial meeting will be to: 

  • Present the key aspects of the EuroGEOSec project
  • Present and discuss the results of the EuroGEO Survey to foresee the engagement and involvement of the industry more broadly across EuroGEO projects and initiatives especially: 
    • Industry involvement at governance level
    • Industry involvement in EuroGEO through Action Groups and thematic workshops under EuroGEOSec (content level)

This initial meeting will allow EARSC and the project team to better understand the willingness of the industry to engage with, and be involved in, the EuroGEO initiative and will be followed up, as relevant, by further interactions and involvement.

Proposed agenda

  1. Objectives of the meeting (5 min, led by EARSC)
  2. Presentation of EuroGEOSec project (10 min, led by ARMINES)
  3. EuroGEO’s survey results and involvement of the industry in EuroGEO’s governance: how and through which mechanisms? (15 min, led by EARSC)
  4. Insights from parallel meeting with Public Entities (5 min, led by CNR) 
  5. First feedback session (all, 15 min) 
  6. Perspective of EuroGEO Action Groups representative (10 min, led by NOA) 
  7. Second feedback (10 min, All)
  8. Moderated discussion (40 min, all) 
  9. Conclusions and next step (10 min, led by EARSC and ARMINES) 
Author: EARSC

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