EARSC Board of Directors Election – Apply to Become One of the EARSC Directors 2024!

According to the Article 11 of the EARSC Statutes, the Board of Directors shall be renewed during the Annual General Meeting scheduled to be held in Brussels on June 13, 2024, during EXPANDEO 2024.

The 9 Directors will be elected this year for a term of 2 years. The election is an opportunity for EARSC Full members to be involved in the governance of the Association, contribute to the strategy and define the actions to support the whole Industry.

Who can apply?

Directors are elected amongst EARSC Full Members. Either a CEO of a company or, in the case of large companies, a Head of an internal Unit can be selected as a Director of EARSC. As per Article 11 of EARSC Statutes at least one director shall be of Belgian nationality.


What are the Directors’ duties?


Serving as a Director entails commitment and dedication. Throughout the year, Directors are expected to attend four (4) Board meetings, where they engage in thorough discussions on matters concerning the Association’s programs and services. Additionally, Directors may be assigned special tasks and are encouraged to participate in industry meetings or other events where EARSC’s leadership is required.

Preparation time for the BoD meetings may vary, but a general guideline suggests dedicating one hour of preparation for each hour of the Board meeting. Being well-prepared enables Directors to take proactive steps in addressing ongoing EARSC matters.

The expenses for the BoD meetings and the activities of the Directors are not covered by the Secretariat. 

The election process is as follows:

  • You have until May 10, 2024, to apply by sending a half-page statement explaining why you wish to become an EARSC Director and attaching your recent CV to info@earsc.org*.
  • From the 13th to the 24th of May EARSC members will vote for the new BoD

The Secretariat will organize in mid May a info call where Directors and members will be able to exchange their views.

*Note that candidates, or standing Directors, who will not provide these documents will not be eligible for the election.

Please note that EARSC strives to maintain a healthy gender balance, and therefore both men and women are equally encouraged to apply. Please share this opportunity within your company!


Author: EARSC

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