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Airbus Defence and Space Signs Distribution Agreement with ST Electronics

ST Electronics is now reseller for all satellite imagery and services from Airbus Defence and Space Intelligence’s portfolio in Singapore

European Space Imaging case study reveals how satellite imagery helps protect UNESCO World Heritage sites

(Munich, 25/01/16) European Space Imaging (EUSI) released a new case study outlining the success of using satellite imagery to help protect UNESCO World Heritage sites this week. Working together with experts at the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) they explain what high-quality satellite data reveals about the situation on the ground at World Heritage sites Hatra and Nimrud in Iran.

ESA selects Airbus Defence and Space for two new Sentinel-2 satellites

(26 January 2016) Airbus Defence and Space, the world’s second-largest space company, has signed a contract, worth around 285 million euros with the European Space Agency (ESA) to deliver two further optical satellites for the European Copernicus programme.

KSAT Launches 20 Ground Station Network for SmallSats

By Juliet Van Wagenen | [Via Satellite 01-21-2016] Norway-based Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) is adapting its ground network to cater to the growing small satellite market. The company has launched 20 ground station sites across the globe through its KSAT Lite services, which aims to reduce cost and up utility for SmallSat customers who need everything, including costs, to be, well, smaller.

Launch of the first satellite in the “SpaceDataHighway” programme

SpaceDataHighway will provide high speed laser communication in space of extremely high volumes of data transfer, up to 50 terabytes per day

European Space Sustainability

(by Giovanni Sylos Labini. President of AIPAS & Director of EARSC, published on ESA ‘s website on January 11, 2016). With the Lisbon Treaty “Europe has decided to develop its own operational Earth observation capacity in order to reflect the EU’s growing responsibility in European and world affairs” COM 223 final.

Instruments for two more Sentinel-1 satellites

(15 December 2015) Airbus Defence and Space, the world’s second-largest space company, has signed a contract worth €143 million with Thales Alenia Space to build two further space radar instruments for the Copernicus programme.

Flood and Drought Symposium discusses methods and tools for impact-reduction

(9 Dec © DHI-GRAS) More than 200 people attended the Flood and Drought Symposium on 23 November 2015 at the United Nations Convention Centre in Bangkok, Thailand. The conference was a positive platform for participants to discuss methods and tools aimed at reducing the impacts of flood and drought events.

"Next Generation of Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellites will see the World in Colour

  • Major agreement achieved for the next X-band satellite missions during the World Radiocommunication Conference
  • New services in SAR-based Earth Observation will benefit from a new unprecedented image quality

Five Years of Deimos-1

Today we move another step closer to democratizing Earth observation data with the addition of 22 m Deimos-1 imagery dating back to 2011.

Plymouth science firm hikes turnover by 90%

By Plymouth Herald. PLYMOUTH science company Pixalytics has the world at its feet – and on its computer screens. The Plymouth Science Park-based enterprise is an independent consultancy specialising in Earth observation.

TerraSAR-X and RADARSAT-2 to Improve Monitoring Over North Canadian Region

  • The German Aerospace Center (DLR) has awarded Airbus Defence and Space with two research projects to enhance Emergency Preparedness and Safety of Operations in collaboration with Canadian partners
  • Airbus Defence and Space will monitor man-made changes on land and support tactical ship route planning in Arctic Waters

Copernicus: down-to-Earth opportunities for SMEs reaching for the stars

(By Anne Glémarec © Euronews) Some 58% of the global space economy relies on satellite Earth observation data This data is available on an open basis in the EU thanks to the Copernicus Programme, as Massimo Antoninetti, of the Italian Research Council explains: “By analysing the potential impact of the Copernicus programme on the European economy, we can forecast a financial benefit of 30 billions euro and the creation of at least 50,000 jobs by 2030 “.

how to find and get data in GEOSS?

EARSC and ConnectinGEO are organizing a GOTOwebinar session on 30th November at 11h00 where companies may be briefed on which types of data are available through the GEOSSGCI Factsheet (Recipe) and making use of the GEOSS Discover Access Broker (Search & Discovery API).

TRE joins the French Group CLS

On October 30th 2015, TRE, the first spin-off company of Politecnico di Milano University, was officially acquired by the French group CLS (Collecte Localisation Satellites).

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