GAF AG- CLC+ Backbone raster product updates for the reference years 2023 – 2025 awarded

European cooperation on satellite mapping: The Danish Geodata Agency and EOMAP join efforts in mapping the shallow waters of Denmark.
EOcafe: Copernicus Marine Service: updates and upcoming tendering opportunities for the EO community
EOcafe: UNOOSA: an international force to address global challenges?
EOcafe: The Belgian presidency & the EO industry: what to be aware of and how to make the most out of it?
Mercator Ocean International contracts EOMAP to provide global shallow water bathymetry for the Copernicus Marine Service.
EOcafe: CASSINI – enabling growth in the EO sector: success stories & upcoming opportunities
Planetek Hellas signs new contract with ESA to support the INTERPOL’s Counterterrorism Unit 
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