EOcafe: Copernicus Marine Service: updates and upcoming tendering opportunities for the EO community

Copernicus Marine Service: updates and upcoming tendering opportunities for the EO community

8th of February 2024, 16.00-17.00 CET

In our next EOcafe, our host Geoff Sawyer (EARSC Strategic Advisor and former Secretary General) will sit down with Ms. Muriel Lux (Environmental Policy and Major Account manager, Mercator Ocean International) to get an update on the Copernicus Marine Service, clarify the role of the newly launched Copernicus Arctic and Coastal Hubs, as well as review existing and upcoming tendering opportunities for the EO community.

As a reminder, the Copernicus Marine Service (or CMEMS – Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service) implemented by Mercator Ocean International is designed to serve EU policies and International legal Commitments related to Ocean Governance, to cater to the need for global ocean knowledge and to boost the Blue Economy across all maritime sectors, by providing free-of-charge state-of-the-art ocean data and information.

One of its key responsibilities is thus to provide science-based data, information and services to inform policymaking and ocean governance. In order to better fulfil this mission, the Copernicus Marine Service was tasked with implementing two of the four newly launched “Copernicus Thematic Hubs”: the Arctic and Coastal Hubs. These Hubs are meant to serve as a single entry-point to data and products generated by different Copernicus services on specific regional or thematic areas, thus streamlining user access. But how do they fit into the existing landscape for accessing and processing Copernicus data? And how might they relate to other initiatives such as the Digital Twin of the Ocean?

Within the context of the Thematic Hubs, and its other ongoing activities linked to the Copernicus Marine Service, Mercator Ocean International will be launching several tenders that could be of interest to the EO community at large (private sector, but also research institutes and other actors). This EOcafe will touch upon these upcoming opportunities and clarify other types of ongoing contracts that Mercator Ocean International engages in (e.g., capacity building, data management, service support, etc.).

Other questions that could be addressed during this EOcafe include:

  • How is the Copernicus Marine Service evolving? What relevant updates should the EO services industry be aware of?
  • How do the Copernicus Thematic Hubs fit into the Copernicus data access landscape? What is their aim and who are they targeted to?
  • What other relevant initiatives should the EO community be aware of (e.g., Digital Twin of the Ocean)?
  • What current and upcoming tendering opportunities are there for the EO industry (call to tenders, etc.)?

Registration: The webinar is open to all. Registration is free but compulsory.

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Please note this is a virtual event!

EOcafe is part of a series of EARSC meetings that offer timely, relevant, and practical information on a broad variety of topics related to the EO sector. Join us every two weeks to discuss and network while enjoying a cup of coffee with friends.


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Author: EARSC

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