Mercator Ocean International contracts EOMAP to provide global shallow water bathymetry for the Copernicus Marine Service.

Seefeld, Toulouse – November 2023 – Coastal zones, at the interface of land and ocean, are of tremendous social, economic, and ecological value: About 40% of the world population is currently living within 100 km of the coast, with three quarters of all large cities being situated along coastlines. Coasts are also home to biodiverse habitats storing much more carbon than forests per equivalent area.
Their high importance stands in contrast to the lack of knowledge and existing monitoring routines on a global scale.

Together with its partners Deltares and GGS Geo Consultancy (GGSgc), team lead EOMAP will now provide global coastal bathymetric data to fill this knowledge gap. Bathymetry, the underwater topography, is a key environmental parameter for a wide range of coastal applications, such as modelling and hazard assessment, seafloor classification, and quantifying habitat loss or carbon storage capacity. (…)

Please access the full press release including quotes + an infographic and free imagery at this LINK.

Author: EARSC

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