The Cassini Maritime Prize has been awarded to EOMAP

The CASSINI Maritime Prize has been awarded to EOMAP – ‘Eyes on Plastic’ helps fight plastic pollution 9th November 2023 – At the EU Space Week 2023 in Sevilla, the EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) awarded the CASSINI Prize for Digital Space Applications: With its new web app ‘Eyes on Plastic’, EOMAP is one of the three awardees receiving 950.000 Euros.
The CASSINI prize, endowed with almost one million Euros each, awards innovative commercial solutions that leverage the EU Space Programme to detect, monitor and remove plastics, microplastics and other litter from our oceans and waterways. ‘Addressing plastic in the ocean starts with identifying and tracking it, which is exactly what each of our winning application is doing, providing essential information for authorities or NGOs’, says Rodrigo da Costa, Executive Director of EUSPA. EOMAP has been awarded for its innovative multi-sensor solution ‘Eyes on Plastic’, which can map and monitor floating plastic in rivers and coastal areas. ‘We combine data from Copernicus satellites, on-site live cameras and crowdsourcing to track plastic pollution in near-real time. Building on Earth Observation analytics, AI and cloud-based processing the app can identify floating debris and plasticexplains Knut Hartmann, Chief Operations Officer at EOMAP. The solution supports industry, NGOs and governmental stakeholders to monitor, manage and report on plastic pollution in rivers and coastal regions, where most aquatic plastic litter enters the marine environment. Please find the full version of the press release enclosed. Or click on the button below to see it including free images for download. Click here for more details
Author: EARSC

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