GeoScan successfully completes major Lithium exploration project in Nigeria

  • GeoScan GmbH of Berlin, Germany has completed a major exploration project of 2129 km² in Nigeria’s Niger and Kaduna states for critical battery minerals for Mining and Development Company Esoterra Investment Group started in March of this year 
  • Very significant amounts of highly prospective, potentially Lithium bearing structures were found, possibly millions of tons
  • The project was completed within 5 months, well ahead of schedule and a very short time for such a large area
  • A very focused sampling and drilling programme has been started

Berlin, Germany and Kaduna, Nigeria, 31.8.2023:

Only in March of this year Esoterra Investment Ltd. of Kaduna, Nigeria, contracted GeoScan GmbH ( of Berlin, Germany, to scan a total of 2129 km² of prospective land near Kaduna, Nigeria. Esoterra holds licenses and concessions in this area for Lithium and other important minerals. This project was intended to aid the economic and social development of the area and bring revenues and jobs.

In early August the project was completed, well ahead of schedule and much faster than any other established method could have provided. Several orebodies with potentially very large deposits of Lithium were found, possibly running into millions of tons.

A highly focused sampling and drilling programme has already been started concentrating on the most relevant and most prospective parts of the large area. With the precise spatial knowledge in 3D of the orebodies that gScan provides, the amount of samples and especially expensive drill-holes can be reduced by around 80% relative to conventional campaigns. This saves not only money, but crucially also time to the start of mining and production. 

Abdulrahman A. Metteden, Director of Esoterra stated: “We are thrilled with the speed and quality of GeoScan’s work. This will have a very positive impact on our project, our country and people.” 

Ambassador Yusuf Tuggar, until recently Nigerian ambassador to Germany and now Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, said: “We are very pleased that the application of the most modern technologies from Germany for Nigeria has produced such tangible results so quickly and will continue to support and monitor the next phases.” 

Oliver Haeggberg, CEO of GeoScan, commented “We are very happy to have produced these results for Nigeria’s growth and help secure battery minerals for sustainable development of the world”. 


To fight climate-change and help the world electrify, batteries are a main factor. Battery minerals such as Lithium, Manganese, Copper, Nickel or Cobalt are of critical importance. They need to come from responsible, sustainable and reliable sources. 

Nigeria is known as a mineral-rich country, yet large parts of the country are not explored with modern methods and thus much of its mineral wealth may yet be unknown. These areas are too large to explore with conventional methods due to the high cost, long duration and environmental damage of methods such as wide drilling campaigns or large-scale seismic studies.

GeoScan GmbH of Berlin, Germany, has developed, deployed and is successfully using a method for fully Sustainable Exploration with no CO2 footprint and zero impact on environment or wildlife. Furthermore, it greatly reduces the need for drilling or excavation, thus further reducing impact in the later stages. GeoScan’s method is particularly well suited for exploring large areas quickly and at low cost.

GeoScan GmbH

GeoScan specializes in identifying and quantifying ground resources from satellite images. Unlike conventional remote sensing, its algorithms “read” subtle patterns caused by the earth’s own vibrations, sometimes called “The Hum of the Earth”. GeoScan has developed the methods and algorithms to recognize and process those patterns from high quality satellite images detecting resources down to a depth of 10,000m. This proprietary solution is called gScantm

GeoScan have successfully conducted approximately 100 projects for clients from the industry and governments around the world in countries such as Oman, Turkey, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), USA, Canada and many others with an outstanding success rate which is considerably above that of conventional methods. gScan exploration is much cheaper, 2 to 3 times faster, more reliable and has zero environmental impact and no carbon footprint, making it especially suitable for large areas. 

GeoScan has several other activities in Nigeria and other African countries.   


For further information please do not hesitate to contact GeoScan GmbH (; +49-170 45 42 586) and 

Author: EARSC

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