Workshop – How can Earth Observation Serve the Financial Sector?

About the EO-FIN Project:

EO-FIN is an ESA funded project part of ESA best practice series focusing on Financial Management (FM) sector. This project aims to understand the Financial Management sector’s requirements for geospatial information and what the current (including near future), capabilities of EO are to support the Financial Management sector’s needs on Geospatial services, then select and develop the best practice user case.


About the EO-FIN Workshop #2:

Following the EO-FIN first successful workshop about geoinformation needs, gathering requirements and priorities of stakeholders within the Financial Management sector, ESA-funded EOFIN project (GMV UK and London Economics) intends to organise the second workshop to analyse the current satellite-based Earth Observation (EO) services responding to those gathered requirements and needs during first phase of the project.


The workshop focuses on reuniting downstream EO service providers delivering solutions for the Financial Management (FM) sector, with actors operating in different domains of the said sector such as Risk Management, Investment Management, Insurance, and Green Finance.


The expected outcomes are:

  • Consolidate list of EO products and services that can currently be leveraged for more sustainable, accountable, and transparent finance sector.
  • Identify the gaps between what Earth Observation can offer and what the FM sector demands, in a context of increasing number of sustainability disclosure regulations.


The workshop will be full day on 11th September, and it held at Satellite Applications Catapult with option to connect virtually.

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Author: EARSC

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