Webinar: AI-based EO Cloud Applications – enabled through international partnership

WHEN: Wednesday, March 8, 2023, 16:00 PHT / 9:00 CET

DURATION: 60 min


Remote sensing data contains huge amount of information valuable for many applications, and AI has proven to be key for high quality and transferable solutions to extract such information. However, the need for fast access to many data to train models and a huge demand for computing power are a challenge.

Implementing the first order AI analytics EOfactory on CREODIAS, a powerful cloud with fast access to one of the largest Copernicus data online archive in Europe, brings the best of both worlds together and gives user access to a comprehensive software platform for signal processing, information extraction, and finally – for the presentation of the resulting maps and figures in easy to understand dashboards.

We invite you to attend a webinar where you will learn how the software platform EOfactory uses the assets of CREODIAS, and how you could benefit from this EO cloud based AI software platform. We will show as examples countrywide mosaics and landcover analytics produced in less than 3 days and covering together more than 1 million sq. km over three countries: Germany, Poland and Philippines – where the offices of the three companies that are creating this innovative solution are located.

Urbetho CF – a German based company and an expert for onboarding geospatial services on EO clouds, CloudFerro – a leading cloud services provider for EO sector from Poland, and EOFactory – a geospatial service and software provider based in Singapore, with offices in Philippines, India and Vietnam.

Join this webinar to explore ways you can leverage AI-based capabilities to generate better insights of country surroundings, get a better overview of land covers, and be guided in activities related to decision making wherever you are working from – Europe, Asia or anywhere else in the world.

Have a first peek view on S2-enhanced mosaics from Munich, Berlin and Warsaw here.


National space agencies, project managers and sponsors of EO platforms, all who are interested in EO cloud technology & applications and make a professional use of EO data.


  • Welcome and introduction – Stanisław Krzyżanowski, Business Development Manager, CloudFerro
  • Demonstration of EOfactory applications. This session walks you through the process of creating country-wide Sentinel-2 basemaps in EOfactory and using the EOfactory’s AI-based Image Super Enhancer tool to improve the spatial details of the basemaps on the fly – Ghalizha Zahra Izzaty, Customer Success Consultant, EO Factory
  • Summary and comments on how these innovative solutions and services can be implemented in your institutions  – Dr. Ursula Benz, Managing Director, Urbetho
  • Q&A session


  • You manage and/or sponsor projects that utilize Earth Observation data
  • You are a professional looking to improve your process and workflow in using Earth Observation data
  • You are interested in learning more about EO cloud technology & applications


  • How to rapidly create visually stunning country-wide mosaics using EOfactory
  • Using EOfactory’s AI-based Image Super Enhancer tool to improve spatial details of your country-wide basemaps
  • How to leverage EOfactory’s AI/ML models to perform country-wide land cover detection


Stanislaw Krzyzanowski_www_webinar.jpg

Stanisław Krzyżanowski, Business Development Manager, CloudFerro

  • Supports customers in implementation of cloud & Earth Observation data services within national platforms.
  • Engaged in numerous initiatives related to cooperation of European companies and institutions, such as IPCEI-CIS, GAIA-X.  
  • In charge of coordinating R&D projects under Horizon Europe.
Dr Ursula Benz.jpg

Dr. Ursula C. Benz, Managing Director of Urbetho CF

  • Obtained her PhD at DLR in Electrical Engineering on AI based SAR signal processing.
  • Co-founder of cloudeo and a pioneer and renowned expert on market platforms for geoservices.
  • Providing professional services to data, software and service providers especially in the geodomain for many verticals from agriculture, geo-intelligence, IoT business on land and sea, telecommunication and utilities.
Ghalizha_webinar AI.jpg

Ghalizha Z. Izzaty, Skymap Global Partner Success Manager, EOfactory Trainer

  • 2 years+ experience in creating solutions, customizations, and performing technical implementations using the EOfactory platform.
  • Contributed to various EOfactory product development 
  • and has delivered demo, webinars, and trainings to various company stakeholders.
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Author: EARSC

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