EOcafe: ESA & the EO downstream Sector: Working Together

ESA & the EO downstream Sector: Working Together

Thursday, 10th November 2022

The next ESA Ministerial meeting on the  22 and 23 November 2022, will set the main Earth Observation (EO) programmes in Europe for the next 3 years. Together with the EU Copernicus programme, ESA’s Future-EO package will provide key support for the EO services industry. What are the key features and how can the industry work with ESA to make it a roaring success?

More than ever, the European Space Agency is looking to work with the downstream industry to develop new ideas and inspiration; for technology innovation and for preparing future operational missions. In the last few years, the growth in the number of new companies working to develop new business models has been impressive. ESA support for this process has been essential and several key funding lines underline the importance.

The industry recognises that ESA support to the sector over the years has been essential to helping build the sector to where it is today. Growth has been steady and sustained even if it has faltered following the covid crisis but continues thanks to ESA and the Copernicus programme. The new measures being proposed to ministers look likely to continue that support by helping industry bring new ideas to market and by developing new satellite technologies that can help maintain Europe’s position in the market including in the international market.

Preparing for the future is now the clear message. New technologies, new missions, new user needs and new business models are all set to shape this future. How does ESA seek to shape this future and what, in ESA’s eyes, does it look like?

In this 50th EOCafe, our host Geoff Sawyer (EARSC Strategic Advisor and former Secretary General) will discuss with our special guest Simonetta Cheli (Director of ESA Earth Observation Programmes and Head of ESRIN) the strong relationship between ESA and the industry along these years and see what has worked well and what needs to be improved so that it continues to grow.

Some of the topics which they will be addressing during this EOcafe are:

  • How is the Future EO proposal organised to help the EO downstream sector (data and applications)?
  • How are the Members States reacting to ESA proposals? How confident is ESA that these will be accepted by Ministers?
  • Where in particular should the new small businesses look for support for their ideas?
  • What can EARSC and its members do to ensure that the programme is a success?
  • ESA and the EC have recently launched a Dynamic Purchasing Arrangement for new data suppliers, can you give a brief idea of what you are looking for and how it will work? What is the timeframe for applying/registering?
  • Exports are a key topic for the industry, what can ESA do to help companies, especially small ones, enter and compete in countries around the world?

Registration: The webinar is open to ALL. Registration is free but compulsory. Please click on the following link to register.

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Please note this is a virtual event! 

EOcafe is part of a series of EARSC meetings that offer timely, relevant, and practical information on a broad variety of topics related to the EO sector. Join us every two weeks to discuss and network while enjoying a cup of coffee with friends. 


  • The use of a video camera is not mandatory but is encouraged to facilitate better interaction between the attendees and the guest speaker(s). 
  • The EOcafe will stay open after 17:00 in case our guests want to continue the discussion. 
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If you have any questions, and/or you want to know more about the EOcafe, and/or you want to share an idea about a future EOcafe, please contact Natassa (Natassa.Antoniou@earsc.org).

Author: EARSC

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