EOcafe: Shaping the EU Space diplomacy: Introducing the EU Global Action for Space

Thursday 19th May 2022

16:00-17:00 CEST

In November 2021, the European Commission launched the first activity of the Global Action for Space initiative showcasing, through a series of webinars, how the Copernicus programme is used not only in Europe but also abroad. These first webinars, to which EARSC participated, marked the beginning of the Commission’s Global Action for Space to communicate the willingness of the Europe Union to foster cooperation with non-EU space actors using the EU space-based data and services of EGNOS, Galileo, and Copernicus addressing mainly the space private sector at European and global level.

How specifically does the European Commission intend to leverage the EU industry’s participation at the global level through this initiative?  By using the EU space-based data and services as a soft power, the Commission intends to project the EU’s space power. In this respect, the EC also recognizes the importance of leveraging the EU’s space private sector at a global level, to face up to strong competition abroad. To support the EU space private sector and more specifically the SMEs sector, the Global Action is launching of a series of calls targeting the SMEs sector to apply to assist them in their internationalization efforts i.e. to help them successfully enter export markets.

The calls under the Global Action for Space programme, have the aim to support the SMEs with business coaching, market intelligence reports, events, and outreach. This EOcafe is dedicated to exploring further how SMEs offering EO services can take advantage of this initiative and what are the requirements to apply. For this EOcafe we have invited the lead of the Global Action for Space Mr Luis CUERVO (Principal Administrator, International Relations on Space, DG DEFIS, European Commission), and Mr Andreas BECKER (Team Leader, EU Global Action on Space) to present the generalities of the Global Action for Space and introduce us to the Calls for SMEs hosted by Mr Geoff SAWYER (EARSC Strategic Advisor and former Secretary General).

Questions which could be addressed during this EOcafe include the following: 

  • What are the activities covered by the EU Global Action for Space?
  • What is the policy background to the Global Action? Why has the EC launched this action?
  • Is it only considering space and EO resources developed through the public sector (ie Copernicus, Galileo, Ariane) or is it also relevant for commercial initiatives?
  • Part of the action includes Business Coaching for companies wishing to develop business outside the EU. What does this involve and how can a company get involved?
  • It is hard for SMEs especially to develop business in other countries. How can they benefit from this initiative? 

Registration: The webinar is open to ALL but priority will be given to EARSC members. Registration is free but compulsory. Please click on the following link to register.

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Please note this is a virtual event! 

EOcafe is part of a series of EARSC meetings that offer timely, relevant, and practical information on a broad variety of topics related to the EO sector. Join us every two weeks to discuss and network while enjoying a cup of coffee with friends. 


  • The use of a video camera is not mandatory but encouraged to facilitate better interaction among the attendees and the guest speaker(s). 
  • The EOcafe will stay open after 17:00 in case our guests want to continue the discussion. 
  • By registering for this event, you accept the terms and conditions (https://earsc.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/EARSC_Events_GDPR.pdf).

If you have any questions, and/or you want to know more about the EOcafe, and/or you want to share an idea about a future EOcafe, please contact Natassa (Natassa.Antoniou@earsc.org).

Author: EARSC

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