ESA: Invitation to Tender: “Pioneer Earth observation applications for the environment (PEOPLE)”

The ESA Earth Observation Science for Society programmatic element introduces a new series of projects under a single framework titled Pioneer Earth Observation apPLications for the Environment (PEOPLE).

The objective of the PEOPLE series is to develop innovative high-quality EO-based products, indicators methods, tools and/or services, targeting specific high-priority research and development (R&D) matters raised by the international environmental policy agenda and with a distinct connection to the European Union (EU) Green Deal.

The present activity consists of 4 parallel and independent projects tackling:

  1. Sustainable Blue Economy;
  2. Ecosystem Accounting;
  3. New CAP and Agriculture Eco-schemes;
  4. Ecosystem Restoration.

The PEOPLE projects are to be considered as trailblazer actions, essential to prepare the future roadmap for subsequent projects with a larger deployment in terms of both the geographic region and the user communities.

Learn more about this Invitation To Tender on the esa-star Publication page.

More details here.

Author: EARSC

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