CDE Jointmaster programme – Invitation for Student Sponsorship


Following the success of three calls for applications to the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) Copernicus Master in Digital Earth invites our members to take part to the success of students in this joint Master degree programme as a sponsor!

CDE gives the opportunity for a two year full-time integrated programme aiming at qualifying individuals to lead initiatives, projects and institutions translating Copernicus data (remote sensing and in-situ) into information for management decisions within a broader Digital Earth vision. The fourth call for applications will open November 8, 2021 – January 14, 2022. The number of eligible (short-listed) applicants, seeking a study place based on an Erasmus+ EMJMD scholarship exceeds the number of students that can be accepted per intake. The CDE programme provides a total of 30 study places, whereas 16 are based on an Erasmus+ scholarship during intake 4.

As detailed hereafter, several packages have been tailored to offer a variety of sponsoring opportunities. For any question regarding sponsoring or if you are interested in any specific option, you are kindly invited to contact the Selection Committee of the Master of Science programme at Please find attached a proposal for a Memorandum of Understanding.

We propose following sponsorships options per student:

GOLD Sponsor: Euro 23.000,- | SILVER Sponsor: Euro 17.000,- | BRONZE Sponsor: Euro 6.000,-

Please refer to more information on student participation costs at

Author: EARSC

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