Job Offer: Business Development Consultant for the ConnectEO Front Office in Australia

Type of employment: 6-month consultancy contract (potential extension)

Location: Australia

All applications (CV and cover letter) must be sent to the following e-mail address:

Six (6) months consultancy contract (NOVEMBER 2021-APRIL 2022) with potential extension

Duration: NOVEMBER 2021-APRIL 2022

Deadline to apply: 24th of September

About ConnectEO

ConnectEO (Connecting European Earth Observation to International Markets) is co-funded under the COSME Clusters Go International programme and aims to promote and foster market access between the European (EU) Earth Observation (EO) SMEs and two target countries: Australia and Chile. The project focuses on the use of EO addressing business opportunities and key socio-economic and environmental challenges within the maritime and agricultural sectors. 

ConnectEO has three main activities to achieve its goals and deliver durable impacts beyond the project lifetime:

  • Back Office: Aim at preparing SMEs through the provision of relevant information on the overseas target markets (e.g. legal, cultural, financing, etc)
  • Trade Missions: Aim at facilitating the creation of meaningful personal relationships through four trade missions comprehending two in Australia and two in Chile;
  • Australian Front Office pilot: Aim at identifying business on the ground and develop a sales pipeline in the long term. To do so, a dedicated physical presence in Australia will be established.

EARSC is offering a part-time position for six months to establish and run the ConnectEO Australian Front Office. The person will seek and identify opportunities that are relevant and open to EU SMEs. The person will then promote and engage with Australian stakeholders willing to partner with EU SMEs and participate in a permanent Front Office.

The person will promote the development of the European EO capabilities and EO SMEs sector.

Tasks and responsibilities
  • Engage with potential business partners or customers in Australia, mainly in the agriculture and maritime/marine sector;
  • Identify a list of Australian companies willing to partner with EU SMEs;
  • Elaborate documentation on the Australian EO market for agriculture and marine sectors through market intelligence reports, market survey elaborations, such as factsheets, demand/offer analysis on EO sector tailored to agriculture and maritime applications;
  •  Identify other new sectors of relevance;
  • Identify business opportunities where EU EO SMEs can promote and sell their products and service offers;
  • Participate and organise physical/online events supporting ConnectEO aims (e.g. B2B events, workshops, webinars);
  •  Deliver a complete follow-up of the activities two times per month on potential partners/clients/opportunities in Australia’s public/private sector.
Skills and experience
  • Relevant working experience in Australia on EO products/services applied in agriculture and maritime sectors;
  • Relevant knowledge of public and private sectors in Australia;
  • Successful experience in international market development international partnerships;  
  • Ability to identify new business opportunities and service offerings;
  • Good communication skills in English is essential;
  • Knowledge of another European language will be appreciated;
  • Be a team player and interested to interact with the team located in Europe.
  • Six (6) months consultancy contract with potential extension;
  • Flexible working hours and workplace in Australia;
  • Attractive financial offer based on experience;
  • Unique opportunity to get knowledge on European and Australian markets;
  • Opportunity to work with a unique trade association representing the EO downstream industry
Application process

Send your motivation letter and a CV to

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Apply here.

Deadline to apply: 24th of September

Author: EARSC

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