Job offer: Remote Sensing Specialist for Forest Monitoring Tasks

GAF AG is a globally operating company and creating sustainable geoinformation solutions is our passion – from data
enhancement and mapping to individual consulting.
The GAF team counts over 230 people with a wide-range of expertise from software development, geology, forestry,
remote sensing, space science, Earth Observation (EO), meteorology, agriculture, virtual reality, data science and
machine learning/artificial intelligence, human resources, marketing and project management.
The Asset Unit (AU) Forestry is specialised for more than 15 years in provided services and solutions in the forest
monitoring domain, whereas the scope is focused on humid and dry tropical ecosystems, but not limited to these.
For our ongoing projects (especially and and upcoming opportunities
the AU Forestry is looking for new colleagues.

Contact: Ms Olivia Deuter
phone.: +49 (0) 89 12 15 28-0
Arnulfstr. 199 • 80634 Munich •

Author: EARSC

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