Stakeholder webinar on the Horizon Europe candidate partnership on “Agriculture of Data”

A stakeholder webinar on the Horizon Europe candidate partnership on “Agriculture of Data” will take place on 26 May from 9:30 – 12:30h.
The partnership aims to foster the sustainability of agriculture in the EU as well as policy monitoring and implementation, by using the possibilities of the current digital and data technologies in combination with environmental observations. To tailor the outcomes of the partnership to the needs of possible users, and make results relevant, it is important to consider stakeholders’ views and expertise in its development.

The webinar is intended to provide an overview on the current state of affairs and future process in setting up the Horizon Europe candidate partnership “Agriculture of Data”, as well as to discuss and develop the scope of the partnership considering needs and ongoing initiatives.

This webinar targets stakeholders, including representatives and experts from organisations and institutions active in the fields of sustainable agriculture, Earth/environmental observation and/or data technologies. All interested actors are welcome to participate in the webinar. Registration is available here and is open until 21 May 2021.

Read more (and Draft agenda)

Author: EARSC

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