Cloudeo AG strengthens its customer reach with the acquisition of TerraLoupe GmbH

Cloudeo AG strengthens its customer reach with the acquisition of TerraLoupe GmbH.

March 9, 2021, Munich: Cloudeo AG, the global leader in the geospatial solutions marketplace, and its strategic partner Precision Landing GmbH today announced the acquisition of TerraLoupe GmbH, a Munich based geo platform and HD mapping company. A geo platform that uses machine learning technology to detect objects from aerial imagery automatically creates a 3D digital twin of the world.

TerraLoupe supports its customers in Roads, Parking, Buildings, Pools, Vegetation, and Infrastructure using state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms and large amounts of data to analyze aerial imagery at scale.

Terraloupe was founded on the premise that understanding accurate geo image data could fundamentally improve businesses’ decision-making – introducing new prospects for numerous industrial applications. TerraLoupe acquired aerial images through its network of partners, analyzed them by their proprietary machine learning algorithms, and provide object recognition to locate every piece of relevant information for its customers.

This acquisition strengthens our customer reach and increases alignment to our core strategic objectives with the geospatial solutions marketplace to our customers and partners into one standard operating platform globally. It adds key technical competencies such as machine learning to our platform, said Dr. Manfred Krischke, CEO of Cloudeo AG

After the successful merger of TerraLoupe’s AI department for Autonomous Systems Safety in May 2020 with Edge Case Research GmbH, it is the second M&A for TerraLoupe with a glorious future.

“I am thrilled that TerraLoupe now has an impact in two different domains within such important emerging markets.” Manuela Rasthofer, founder TerraLoupe

TerraLoupe will continue to serve its customers as TerraLoupe GmbH in Switzerland as a joint venture of cloudeo AG (with a majority) and Precision Landing GmbH.

“The geodata and earth observation industry has become a significant part of Precision Landing’s business over the last few years. The joint venture with the strategic partner cloudeo AG to acquire TerraLoupe’s business is a considerable step based on the corporate growth strategy and expanding Precision Landing into the geodata and EO industry,” said Christian Kling, Managing Partner of Precision Landing.

About Cloudeo AG:

Since 2012, cloudeo’s customers across industries can access multiple high-quality, ready-to-use data from various geodata sources like satellites, airplanes, and drones, in-situ-data, etc., under Data as a Service (DaaS) in a few clicks. Software as a Service (SaaS) allows cloudeo’s customers to use the latest version of different software types needed to process the geodata without worrying about updates, releases, etc.

Cloudeo’s platform also hosts a wide range of value-added service providers and developers who simplify and customizes the data to user-specific needs, analytics to make a meaningful insight. The best part is that all cloudeo services can be used without increasing user’s IT infrastructure costs but using cloudeo Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This service benefit works very well with the user specifications, code, workflow, and scaling up options as the user needs at a very affordable cost at your preferred location and time.

About Precision Landing GmbH

Since 2004, Precision Landing serves its customers in strategic business consulting, business process management, and digitalization with the best practice approach across various industries, including the public sector.

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Harisha Hangaravalli

Marketing Manager
Cloudeo AG

Author: EARSC

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