EARSC EO Product Award 2021

EARSC EO product award for 2021 will recognise a product which will support overall sustainable development projects or the implementation of the SDGs at national, regional and/or local levels, with EO services helping on the monitoring and reporting against the goals, targets or the global indicator framework.

In 2015, countries adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These include a broad range of sustainable development issues; ending poverty and hunger, improving health and education, making cities more sustainable, combating climate change, and protecting oceans and forests.

The SDGs are being launched with an emphasis on collecting data that will be extensive and specific enough to serve these needs. They are designed to balance the three dimensions of sustainable development: the economic, social and environmental. European EO industry can help achieve the SDGs by providing critical information on natural resources, government operations, public services, and population demographics.

The competition will run until April 2021 during which time, the candidate companies may adapt an existing product, develop a new product or simply promote one they have already in their catalogue. Companies will be asked to provide a short summary of the results (extension approx. 2-4 pages) which will be used as statement for the international jury.

The award will be announced during the EARSC EXPANDEO annual cocktail where other EARSC Awards are also revealed. Due the current situation we could not guarantee the physical celebration though we will move it to a virtual-cocktail event.

This is your opportunity to follow in the steps of previous award winners and benefit from the prestige of winning an EARSC award! (see previous year’s press release)

Criteria: eligibility requirements & metrics

Any commercial product which will support the monitoring and reporting against SDGs could prepare the application form including major findings (recommendation 2-4 pages):
-Explain what type of product the company offers
-Describe the challenge: What problem this product will solve/what solution will this provide? How will this product contribute to the monitoring of a particular area on sustainable development or SDGs focus?
-Explanation of the circumstances surrounding the development of this product and the identification of the area which supports or the monitoring and reporting against the SDGs.
-Expected impact to address 


Expression of Interest: by 15th March 2021
Dead-line entries & guidance: April 30th 2021
Selection: the files will be judged by the international jury to select the overall product winner (May 2021)
Announcement: EARSC cocktail & AGM 2021 in June (Virtual format)

To apply send your application to info@earsc.org

Author: EARSC

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