EARSC Industry Survey 2021: Call for input

Since 2012, every 2 years, EARSC has conducted a survey and analysis of the European EO services industry. This is used by ESA and the European Commission, as well as some Member States (MS), to guide their space policy decisions. Last year, ESA was asked by their MS that we conduct the survey on an annual basis. Hence, this will be the 6th survey of the EO downstream industry sector.

The survey has proven to be an extremely important and relevant tool giving accurate information to monitor the evolution of the EO sector. The results of our previous surveys can be found at earsc.org/publications.

Your feedback is crucial to help us identify the key issues that companies are facing today. It helps understand the industry trends and the impact of policy decisions such as for Copernicus. As a member of the European Earth Observation industry, your voice matters, and we trust you in helping us to provide qualitative information. ESA is very interested by your feedback therefore we really do need your response in order to satisfy their request.

The survey should take no more than about 15 minutes to fill it in. 

Please note that the data that you will provide using this survey will be seen only by the project team. Individual company data will not be presented to other parties or made public and we ensure that every effort is taken to secure all data collected.

We are very grateful to all of you to take the time to answer our questions.

IMPORTANT: If you are a European start-up (your company is maximum 5years old), please fill in our Survey of Copernicus Sentinel-powered Innovation and Start-ups (link). You will benefit from a 6 month free trial EARSC membership if you fill in this survey.

Complete the survey

Thank you in advance, your participation will be strongly appreciated!

Author: EARSC

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