Eyes in the sky for the UK Environment Agency

Spottitt is excitied about our recently launched project funded by Innovate UK via their call for, ‘Business-led innovation in response to global COVID 19 disruption’. During the project together with SAR satellite imagery provider ICEYE the team will be exploring the use of satellite imagery and analytics to maintain the highest levels of Environment Agency flood incident response despite the impact of COVID 19. 

The bespoke use of satellite imagery to monitor flooding during large scale international disasters is not uncommon, but the standard use of this technology by government agencies, local authorities, NGO’s and landowners in the UK, (and beyond) to monitor flood incidents, small and large, is very uncommon. The project team proposes that a cloud based service which provides fully automated, low cost, near real time flood monitoring derived from commercial SAR imagery is an accurate, affordable and responsive innovation that would significantly reduce manual in-field flood observation.

You can find more information here.

Author: EARSC

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