Bronze Award at European Association Awards

We are happy to announce that we have won bronze in the overall best European Association in the category less than 30 employees. Thank you all that support us! And thank you to the EARSC secretariat!

Below the feedback of the judges for the award.

“It shows imaginative solutions to financing the association, and form its history appears to be on a growth path. Interesting example of using imagination in ensuring continuing sustainability, and providing support to its members and its industry.”

“A Pan-European Association operating in a niche but crucial industry. The application provides necessary background information about the field and the role of the association with supporting documents. Strong leadership by the top management to shape the industry and debate. Transformation in the business model and the membership structure of the organization.”

“I was impressed by the focus on data to demonstrate the value of the sector and the ROI of being part of the association.”

Author: EARSC

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