Press release EARSC & DG AGRI Workshop – Digital transformation in agriculture: the role of remote sensing

EARSC, in collaboration with the Directorate General for Agriculture (DG AGRI), is organizing a workshop titled “Digital transformation in agriculture: the role of remote sensing”. The event took place in Brussels on the 27th of March.

Press release

Full agenda in pdf


9.00-9.30Welcome Coffee and Registration 
9.30-10.30Setting the Scene: a European Policy Perspective 
 Geoff Sawyer, (EARSC Secretary General), Welcome 
 Pierre Bascou, Director of Sustainability and Income support (DG AGRI): Introductory speech: 
  digitalisation and innovation in agriculture in light of the 2020 CAP. 
 Claudia Muresan, Policy Officer (DG GROW): The Contribution of Copernicus in the Agricultural 
  Sector. How is the Copernicus Programme helping making agri-business more sustainable and more 
 Markus Probeck, Director (EARSC): The Role of the EO Industry. Introductory speech about theFile
  contribution of the remote sensing industry to create new business models for the agri-food value 
 Q&A session 
10.30-11.00Coffee break 
11.00 – 13.00From Policy to Practice: Implementing and Monitoring the CAP 
 Lucie Šavelková, Agricultural, Economics and Rural Development Consultant (Czech PayingFile
  Agency): the use of remote sensing technologies in monitoring the CAP compliance: the 
  perspective of a national agency. 
 Isidro Campos, Policy Officer (DG AGRI): Presentation of the Farm Sustainability tool for NutrientsFile
  (FaST) and its synergies with the remote sensing products and services. 
 Dr. Polymachi Symeonidou, RECAP product manager (DRAXIS Environmental SA): Enabling CAPFile
 monitoring using EO data – The RECAP platform 
 Maria Ostegarrd, Chairwoman of the WP on direct payments and greening (COPACOGECA):File
  the impact of remote sensing in improving farming performance and CAP implementation. 
 Elli Tsiforou, Head of Brussels Office (Gaia Epicheirein): Remote sensing to improve sustainabilityFile
  and enhance policy making & monitoring.  
 Q&A session 
14.00-15.30EO Services in Support of Agriculture 
 Antonio Tabasco (GMV)File
 Guenter Doerffel (ESRI)File
 Grega Milcinski (Sinergise)File
 Peter Baumann (Rasdaman)File
 Pascal Schichor (European Space Imaging)File
 Rainer Fockelmann (GAF)File
 Marie Christine Delucq (Airbus)File
 Jorg Ulrich (IABG)File
 Christian Hoffmann (GeoVille) & Paul Oomen (Geo4a)File
15.30-16.00Open Discussion & Conclusions

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