EO4GEO Workshop in Castellón, May 30th

The EO4GEO project is happy to announce its Workshop and Project meeting to be held in Castellón de la Plana, Spain, from May 30th until June 1st. The meeting will be hosted by project partner Universitat Jaume I (UJI), GEOTEC Research group.

The workshop will discuss the preliminary findings of the EO4GEO surveys

Identifying the supply of GI and EO education and training at the academic and vocational levels

Identifying the current demand for GI and EO skills and occupational profiles

This workshop, the first of a series that will take place every 6-months, will discuss the (intermediate) findings of the demand survey and will provide an overview of the supply results sprung from the survey about the EO/GI training offer. It will also serve as starting point for the next step of the project (the development of an integrated platform and collaborative tools).

The workshop expects to gather around 50-60 people from the EO/GI sector with different backgrounds and perspectives. Project partners, invited experts, relevant end-users, representatives from the Copernicus program and stakeholders from academia and industry will discuss about the surveys’ results. The workshop – organised in the format of panel discussions – will provide an input for a deliverable about Demand for space/geospatial education and training, and will assess skill shortages, gaps and mismatches.

EO4GEO workshop will take place at UJI premises, in Castellón de la Plana Spain.

For any information please visit www.eo4geo.eu

Author: EARSC

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