EARSC Surveys on EO/GI supply on Training and Education and demand of skills

The sector is rapidly evolving due to technological advances, a larger collection of open data (as Copernicus), and a broader user base. The evolution requires the adaptation of EO/GI training for matching the demanded skills on the market.

Considering your expertise and potential interest in the initiative, we kindly ask you to support the eo4geo project in making EO/GI professionals ready for the future!

Two surveys about supply on Training and Education and demand of skills in the EO/GI sector, are available for your contribution at: eo4geo.eu

In case you are providing EO/GI related training courses, please complete the survey on the supply of training. The objective of this survey is to individuate and analyse the EO/GI training offer at a European/National level.

In case you are working in the EO/GI sector (in a private, public or academic organization), please complete the survey on the demand of skills on the market. The objectives of the demand survey are to better understand the demands of current professional workforce and to highlight skills required on the EO/GI sector in the future.

The surveys will be open to all stakeholders until May 16th

EARSC is leading the sector skills strategy within the project and if you need further information please do not hesitate to contact us

Please forward this message to your colleagues and to any organization you might think interested in contributing to our surveys.

Many thanks in advance!

Author: EARSC

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