3DEO and Ghalam in partnership to supply innovative ground processing solutions to the global Earth observation small satellite industry

February 23, 2018

3DEO, freshly crowned as a Ones2Watch at the prestigious data.space2018 conference, will be
combining the communications capability provided by Ghalam to its payload data processing,
analytics and visualization solutions, to provide an affordable, flexible and highly capable end-to-end ground segment solution for nano-, mini-, micro-, small and, not so small, Earth observation

Ghalam are providing members of their Systems, Ground Segment, Software, and Electronics teams to continue with further joint developments with 3DEO, including working towards their goal to eradicate the time from sensor to actionable information for Earth observation data operators and users.
In its drive to real-time processing of satellite data, 3DEO utilizes Kx technology, the most efficient
and flexible tool for ultra-high-speed processing of real-time, streaming and historical Big Data.
Ghalam LLP is a joint venture between JSC “National Company Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary”
(KGS) and Airbus Defence and Space.

3DEO is the trading name of 3DEO NI Limited, the Belfast-based sensor to information
company, backed by First Derivatives plc. By combining technologies from immersive 3D,
financial services, television and earth observation, 3DEO have developed a new approach to
the interaction with and presentation of diverse data, from space to smart phones. 3DEO think
and inform visually revealing much more than can be seen from traditional perspectives. 3DEO
solutions have widespread application, from defence to disaster risk management, estate
management and financial markets insight.

3DEO may be contacted by email: martin@3deo.com

Author: EARSC

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