GeoBuiz Summit 2018 : Collaborative Co-existence at the Forefront of Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Geospatial value and impact in world economy: Market trends and business directions
The session will focus on key driving factors such as location-based analytics, Internet of things, and seamless integration of indoor spatial analytics with outdoor spatial analytics.

Geo-enabling 4IR (IOT, Cloud, AI, 3D printing, Big data)
The session objective will be to uncover how the fourth industrial revolution is set to revolutionize the geospatial and location industry by bringing in dynamic changes through the development of new applications, business models and revenue models.

System integration and business process embedment extending geospatial value chain
This session will deliberate upon how geospatial solutions are no longer stand-alone systems. In keeping with the demand of users of a ‘complete’ geospatial solution, the industry has made a radical move towards offering seamless business- wide integrated solutions and its optimal embedment in the business processes.

Reorienting National Geospatial Agencies: Fostering infrastructure and policy imperatives
The focus of the session will be to discuss how National Geospatial Agencies are reorienting themselves to take cognizance of the advancing digital ecosystem to promote democratization of geographic data, defining standards, endorsing active industry participation, and playing an advisory role in formulation of policy imperatives for economic development.

NewSpace revolution: Democratization, commercialization and monetization
The highlights of this sessions will be on trends in the Earth Observation industry that are bringing fresh impetus to the commercialization and monetization in the earth observation industry, and more.

Location analytics and business intelligence: Leveraging mainstreams IT and financial market
This session will focus on how Innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, big data, blockchain, drones, virtual reality, etc., are ensuring a rapid innovation cycle for the players in the financial domain.

Digital engineering and reality mesh:
The session will weave discussions around how with unprecedented convergence of data and technologies, digital engineering is opening new frontiers by bringing together critical information in ‘virtual’ models for forecasting problems and improving performance.

Collaborative approach: Business model renaissance
The session will explore about ‘collaborations’ that are long-lasting, scalable, and are bringing in transformative renaissance in the geospatial industry.

Witness thought-provoking sessions and insightful discussions on various topics and hear firsthand accounts from business leaders !

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Author: EARSC

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