Planetek strengthens its alliance with Polish space companies

The agreement was signed at the “Big Data in Space Sector” workshop, which took place on December 6 at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Rome. The day, dedicated by the Embassy to the theme of Space, also hosted a bilateral Italy-Poland meeting with the aim of sealing the cooperation among companies in the Space sector.
During the meeting the representatives of the three companies signed a letter of intent in the presence of Marta Zielińska – Śliwka, Chargé d’affaires a.i. at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Italy.

The three companies can be rated as an excellence at European level in the change of paradigm of Earth observation services, which today exploits Cloud computing and Big Satellite Data to provide geospatial information as a services.

Creotech Instruments, together with the company CloudFerro, has in fact created and successfully developed a unique satellite database combined with fast cloud computing: the Earth Observation Cloud (EO Cloud). Data and computing power are available to anyone interested in using them for both commercial and scientific purposes. The EO Cloud platform was created as part of a project implemented by a consortium for the European Space Agency. On EO Cloud servers there are constantly updated and archived data, among others, from Landsat, Sentinel and Envisat satellites.
In December 2017 Creotech signed biggest contract in polish space industry history. Company will build advanced cloud platform “EO DIAS” which give unlimited, free and complete access to Copernicus data and information for European Commission and ESA.

Planetek has created Rheticus®, a cloud-based platform that delivers automated geoinformation services designed to provide accurate and constantly updated data and information about our changing world. Rheticus® provides timely and detailed information for the needs of a growing number of businesses (applications). The information is provided as a service and includes thematic maps, reports and geospatial indexes, designed for the monitoring of various phenomena, such as urban dynamics and land use changes, ground surface movements, landslides and infrastructure stability, new infrastructures and areas under construction, burnt areas and quality of marine-coastal waters.

WIZIPISI has been collaborating since last year with Planetek Italia as an authorized distributor of Rheticus® services in Poland, and successfully markets Cloud services for the monitoring of land surface movements and the control of landslide and subsidence areas, and of the stability of infrastructures.

“The letters of intent signed in Rome is the basis for future cooperation between our three companies,” said Adam Iwaniak, President of WIZIPISI. “In this specific technological constellation, whose common denominator is satellite data, Creotech and Planetek focus on aggregating and sharing satellite data, with the Creotech’s EO Cloud and Planetek’s Rheticus® platform; in the meantime, WIZIPISI has specialized in the creation of specific applications based on this data and in the provision of final services to corporate customers “.

“Together with our Italian partner, we have decided to bring our cooperation to a higher and more strategic level. We will determine the basic skills of each of the parties in the field of Earth observation, in which specializations our company will develop and in which areas we want to build and strengthen skills, to compete successfully on the European market together,” said Grzegorz Brona, CEO of Creotech Instruments SA.

Giovanni Sylos Labini, CEO of Planetek Italia, adds “This trilateral cooperation agreement is in line with Planetek Italia’s strategy to benefit from the extraordinary contribution of Copernicus to the growth of our industry. Together with our partners we will be more competitive in our countries, in Europe, but above all in the rest of the world”.

Contacts for the Media:

  • Creotech Instruments: Dawid Michnik, Tel. +48 603504709, Email: d.michnik @
  • WIZIPISI: Tomasz Berezowski, Tel. +48 717297819, Email: tomasz.berezowski @
  • Planetek Italia: Antonio Buonavoglia, Tel. +39 0809644200, Email: buonavoglia @
Author: EARSC

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