Technology Showcase organized by CEOI and Satellite Applications Catapult

CEOI and the Satellite Applications Catapult are delighted to announce key note speakers from the European Space Agency and from Earth-i, who will give an overview of the rapidly emerging landscape of satellite constellations.

These constellations are particularly interesting in the Earth Observation (EO) field as they are powered by highly innovative technologies and are enabling a wide range of new products, services, and applications.

The European Space Agency will talk about the European Copernicus constellation which is providing new data and services to governments, industry and a wide range of other organisations.

Earth-i will cover the rapidly emerging small satellite constellations and how they are transforming both the space sector and the services offered by wider industries and

The Earth Observation Showcase will give you a unique overview of the changing EO
landscape from both an upstream and a downstream perspective. It will discuss current /
future technologies and applications, consider market trends, and discuss how these might
evolve by 2030.

If you are interested, further details, agenda and registration are available at the link– gallery/events/earth-observation- showcase-emerging-
applications-powered- innovative-technologies/

Author: EARSC

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