The CAMS Use Cases programme: a financial instrument available for Copernicus entrepreneurs

There are numerous business cases that demonstrate the value that Copernicus brings to society and provide useful examples that help others to imagine how they in turn might use the data in their own line of work. One of the missions of the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) is to demonstrate how Copernicus data can be applied to real-world challenges. Successful Copernicus business and application cases are excellent demonstration tools for showcasing how these challenges are being tackled using Copernicus data.

Last year, CAMS launched the ‘Use Cases programme’ designed to support, technically and financially, the launch of innovative applications using one or more CAMS information products. A first group of eight use cases was selected on the basis of two criteria: the quality of the submitted business case and the potential communication tool that these cases represent for illustrating the benefit of CAMS, and of the Copernicus programme in general. The contracts between the promoters of these use cases and CAMS are structured in two phases, a development phase of up to 6 months, and an exploitation/demonstration phase of up to 18 months. It is expected that an economically sustainable model will have been established by the end of the contract. The 2017 use cases are now entering the exploitation phase and some of the services provided are already being offered through smartphones apps and websites.

While this first generation of CAMS use cases are entering the second phase of their contract, a new public call has been just launched with the objective to award up to six additional contracts which will develop and demonstrate end-to-end applications based on CAMS products. The purpose, once again, is to stimulate innovative ideas and support the development of downstream applications. If you would like to bid for this call you need to submit your ideas by 8 November this year.


Author: EARSC

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