IABG’s Geodata Factory celebrates its tenth anniversary

In its Geodata Factory, IABG collects, processes, analyses and visualises geo information from most diverse sources. Applying highly automated processes, it creates two- or three-dimensional vector data, local land registers, digital city models, land models and ortho-photo mosaics, designed for subsequent processing in geographical information systems. To ensure proper implementation of these tasks, there is a team of experienced experts in the areas of geodesy, cartography, photogrammetry, remote sensing and geo computer science. At the time of its establishment, the Geodata Factory employed 25 people. Today, the number of staff has increased to 75 qualified experts.

In the course of its existence, the Geodata Factory has successfully worked on a number of important projects and established the organisation as a competent supplier in the national and European markets, for example, with the creation and constant actualisation of the “Landbedeckungsmodell Deutschland (LBM-DE)”, using multi-spectral satellite photographs on behalf the German Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy.

In the context of the European Copernicus programme, IABG supports the satellite centre of the European Union or the Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Control Office of the EC with earth observation services. Decision-makers are hereby provided with important spatial information, allowing them to promptly identify potential crises and to take suitable counter measures – for instance in the humanitarian or economic field.

Strategic advancement and future continuity is guaranteed via the creation and expansion of a radar competence centre and the development of new services for efficient processing of different sensor data. Another milestone is the conclusion of a cooperation agreement with the US-American company Planet as business and development partner in the New Space sector. This allows IABG to offer satellite photographs for various applications in ranges such as security (e.g. troop movements, early crisis recognition, and migration), transport & tourism (e.g. autonomous systems) as well as environment (e.g. natural hazards, such as floods, mountain and landslides) world-wide and on a daily basis. IABG currently analyses satellite data to provide a complete forest damage analysis of the Passau area in Lower Bavaria for the Bavarian Institute for Forestry and Silviculture, following the hurricane of 18 Aug. 2017.

“Up-to-date and custom-made geo information have become indispensable components of the most varied prognosis and analysis applications, especially during the past ten years.
To that extent, the establishment of our Geodata Factory was just the right step”, comments the Head of the Geodata Factory, Dr. Jörg Schäfer. “With our services in the geo data area, we are an important partner for our civilian and public clients today”.

About IABG
IABG offers integrated, future-oriented solutions in the sectors Automotive • InfoCom • Mobility, Energy & Environment • Aeronautics • Space • Defence & Security. We provide independent and competent consulting. We implement effectively, efficiently and with target orientation. We operate reliably and sustainably. Our success is based on an understanding of market trends and requirements, on our staff’s technological excellence and a fair relationship with our customers and business partners.

Author: EARSC

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