European Space Week (3-9 Nov 2017 in Tallinn)

From 3 to 9 November this year, experts, scientists, stakeholders and anyone interested in using Space technologies and applications is invited to discover cutting-edge potential of the two EU global flagship Space programmes, Galileo and Copernicus, to meet award-winning entrepreneurs, start-ups and visionaries, to interact with the Earth Observation (EO) and satellite navigation community, and to discuss the latest trends with decision makers, innovators and industry leaders.

The European Space Week features over 12 events, organised in two different cities, Tallinn and Tartu. But don’t feel burdened by having to make a choice! In order to facilitate your decision-making on which events to attend, we have rounded up an overview of all the events taking place. Of course they are all highly recommended and fall under the “can’t miss” category!


Author: EARSC

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