Copernicus 4 Energy workshop

The Copernicus4Energy workshop intends to bring together stakeholders of the Earth Observation (EO) and the Energy sectors, in view of highlighting the potential of Copernicus to contribute to current and emerging needs of the energy industries.

The objectives of the workshop are:

  • To identify intermediate and end-users’ needs in the Energy sector, as well as assess and characterise EO-based applications supporting energy industries and policies at EU and global level
  • To present the current Copernicus offer in terms of data and service information for the energy sector
  • To discuss the way forward in terms of new products and evolution of the Copernicus Space Component

The workshop will aim at further investigating the main user requirements for EO-based applications associated with traditional and renewable energy generation and infrastructure in Europe and worldwide (including the characterisation and mapping of Copernicus capabilities and existing solutions over the identified user needs). Additionally, potential evolutions to effectively support energy needs will be investigated.

The sectors covered will include biomass, solar and wind energy, renewable marine energy and offshore wind farms, as well as infrastructure monitoring.

The registration will close on 8 October 2017.

website and registration

Name and contact details of local coordinator: Julia Ioannou. T: + 32 2 318 09 22. E-mail:

Author: EARSC

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