Questions on Copernicus? Ask the Copernicus Support Office team!

The European Commission has launched the Copernicus Support Office to animate the Copernicus Academy and Copernicus Relays networks, two key instruments in the Copernicus User Uptake toolbox that is being developed. The Copernicus Relays act as multipliers in the promotion of Copernicus at local and regional scales. The Copernicus Academy is a network of universities and SMEs who work on increasing the skills of students and the work force in Copernicus-related fields. In their tasks, which they perform as volunteers, they get support from the Copernicus Support Office for promotional material and speakers for events. The Copernicus Support Office also caters to queries from potential users of Copernicus data and information, be they from citizens, entrepreneurs or from public administration.

In order to answer all these questions and many others, and to increase awareness of the many benefits of Copernicus, the European Commission has set up two networks to serve EU and non-EU citizens, academics and businesses: the Copernicus Relays and the Copernicus Academy. These networks aim to foster user uptake of Copernicus products for current and future users by boosting European industry and SMES in developing new business models based on Space-related technologies / applications. These two networks, recently put in place by the European Commission, are a ground-breaking tool for the market development of the Copernicus Programme across Europe, and have aroused interest from entities in all EU countries (and beyond).

In their roles as voluntary members of the networks, Relays and Academy members get support from the Copernicus Support Office, which was designed to act as a one-stop-shop for assisting stakeholders and citizens in order to ensure best practices are shared to the widest extent possible, awareness is increased while Copernicus gets a “local phone number”.

The Copernicus Support Office operates a helpdesk which is open to anyone interested in obtaining information about the programme. Questions are answered by a team of Copernicus experts or referred to the Copernicus Entrusted Entities or external experts on Copernicus.

When and how is it possible to contact the Support Office? EU and non-EU citizens, businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as academics and researchers from all over the world can contact the Support Office through the helpdesk and a hotline. The service is provided in several EU working languages (EN, SP, IT, DE, FR, NL), between 09:30 and 18:00 (Central European Time Zone) on weekdays, with the exception of official Belgian holidays.

The average response time is only one day, so ask your questions and the Support Office team will be there to help you!


Author: EARSC

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