Planetek Italia Selected by EARSC as the European Earth Observation Company of the Year

Geoff Sawyer, EARSC Secretary General, Giovanni Sylos Labini- CEO Planetek Italia and Chetan Pradhan, EARSC Chairman

EARSC has thereby recognised Planetek Italia as the company that have made the most significant contribution to the development of the Earth Observation sector in Europe. The criteria used for the selection of the winning company were:

  • the successful development of EO services for a target market (sector or geographic)
  • a strong contribution to a defining European programme (eg. Copernicus, Inspire, ESA projects, etc)
  • exhibited good revenue and/or employment growth.

Since its foundation Planetek has worked with its partners to develop new services and increase its market share, both in new and existing markets. Notably, the company has developed Rheticus®, an automated cloud-based geo-information service platform. It was designed in house to deliver up-to-date, accurate maps, and historical graphical data via a user friendly dashboard. A significant achievement in 2017 is the exploitation of open data such as Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 for use by customers and users from both private and public sectors. Planetek will pursue this in the years to come.

Nominations for the award were collected from EARSC members who then vote and the winner has been selected by an international, independent jury of EO sector representatives.

Planetek Italia is an Italian company specialised in Earth observation, Space solutions and geoservices. The company provides solutions to exploit the value of geospatial data through all phases of data life cycle from acquisition, storage, management up to analysis and sharing. Planetek Italia operates in many application areas ranging from environmental and land monitoring to open-government and smart cities, and including defense and security, as well as scientific missions and planetary exploration.

EARSC represents the Earth Observation geo-information services companies in Europe. Today EARSC has 96 members coming from more than 22 countries in Europe. Our members include both commercial operators of EO satellites, IT, downstream and value-adding companies. The sector plays a key role in providing value-added geo-spatial information to its customers in Europe and the world. In 2016, the revenue of the European EO services sector is estimated to be around one billion euros for approximatively 450 companies and giving work to nearly 7000 highly skilled employees.

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Author: EARSC

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