IMAGEM and Geo Data Design new Authorized Partners of Earth monitoring platform Rheticus

The contract grants IMAGEM NL and GEO Data Design Ltd. with rights to sell Rheticus® satellite processing services to customers located in the geographic areas where the two companies operate: IMAGEM NL in the Benelux region (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg), and GEO Data Design Ltd. in South Africa, Ghana, Guinea, Mali and Tanzania.

Rheticus® is a cloud-based platform that delivers fresh and accurate data and information for monitoring of the Earth’s surface transformation phenomena. Rheticus geoinformation service uses a series of industry-focused dashboards to deliver timely and accurate information to policy and decision makers, managers and users for operations and data-driven decision making.

Services available on Rheticus® platform includes, Earth crust subsidence, urban dynamics, forest fires hazard, costal seawater quality as well as many more in the near future.

IMAGEM and GEO Data Design aim to deploy the Rheticus® platform at local governments, environmental and forestry agencies, road and rail, networks (NUTS), construction, mining, heavy industry and more. The platform can be used directly by these customers or by solution providers and system integrators.

“In the Netherlands alone, the cost of damages and repairs to infrastructure above and below ground as a result of deformation is estimated to run into billions of euros in the next decades. With Rheticus, Imagem can now provide our customers with a highly accurate and easy to use online platform that detects subsidence progression over time. This allows users to have an early warning system, avoiding unnecessary risk and cost. Imagem is very pleased to work together with Planetek to make this service available in the Benelux, and connecting it to its Smart M.App platform for use even by non geospatial professionals,” says Patrick de Groot, General Manager at IMAGEM.

After signing the contract, Jaurez Dorfling, Managing Director of GEO Data Design, said: “We are excited to join our experience, reputation, marketing and support capability with the specialist technology and development strengths from Planetek, to deliver cutting edge solutions to the local and international market.”

Giovanni Sylos Labini, CEO at Planetek Italia adds: “We are excited to cooperate with our international partners, IMAGEM and GEO Data Design. Rheticus® will now assist professionals and decision makers in a growing number of countries, relying on the sound professional support of our partners. Born and strengthened under the Hexagon Geospatial network, the cooperation with our partners opens new opportunities to develop and deliver cutting-edge solutions to our markets. Through the integration of the Rheticus® monitoring services in Hexagon Geospatial Smart M.Apps, we can offer insightful analytics and dynamic maps to users worldwide.”

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Author: EARSC

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