Creating Mobile Apps with Big Data from Space at the free Space App Camp 2017

Big data from space produced by the European Earth observation programme Copernicus and its fleet of Sentinel satellites provides crucial economic and ecological information to many industry sectors – from energy, transport, logistics and construction to aeronautics, healthcare and mobile communications. Additionally, an increasing number of mobile phone users challenge the mobile app business.

However, huge amounts of data from space offer countless opportunities in connection with mobile applications. In order to make Earth observation (EO) data accessible to a wide range of citizens, the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Space App Camp each year assembles programmers from across Europe to exchange ideas with like-minded people and tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges. There’s a special treat to boot, with ESA taking care of food & beverage, hotel and flight expenses.

Join the Space App Camp and write your own chapter of the success story!
Professional app developers from all over Europe are welcome to apply by 24 July 2017 at

Since the inception of the initiative five years ago, around 400 developers from nearly 30 countries have applied to the Space App Camps, and more than 30 apps have been developed. A number of former participants are currently finalising their applications, have already transformed their ideas into operational services, or have founded a start-up in order to bring their apps to the market.

Author: EARSC

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