Airbus to provide SpaceKnow with access to “One Atlas” for development of new analytics

Objective of the respective agreement is to allow online access to Pléiades and SPOT satellite imagery, and support the development of new analytics applications and services across a wide range of markets, such as finance, defence and construction.

SpaceKnow provides their customers with valuable information from analysis of satellite imagery, including multiple change detection and object tracking products. One of their most popular products, the China Satellite Manufacturing Index, measures levels of manufacturing activity by monitoring over 6,000 industrial facilities across China with thousands of satellite images.

As part of this agreement, SpaceKnow will access One Atlas via Airbus’ newest Application Programming Interface, “View API”. One Atlas is a satellite image basemap which covers the entire Earth with professional grade imagery. Available online 24/7 and refreshed regularly so that no data is older than 12 months, One Atlas provides customers with easy access to cost effective, high-quality and homogeneous imagery.

François Lombard, Head of the Intelligence Business Cluster at Airbus Defence and Space, said: “We are excited to see One Atlas become a core layer for SpaceKnow’s analytics tools, in which up-to-date and detailed Pléiades and SPOT satellite imagery will provide sharp, contextual and reliable data, to help drive analytical information.”

“The introduction of One Atlas optical satellite imagery into our suite of visual analytics applications provides SpaceKnow clients and partners with powerful new capabilities, and enables users across industries to make important decisions with an even greater degree of confidence,” said SpaceKnow CEO and Co-Founder Pavel Machalek. “We’re proud to partner with Airbus and to significantly enhance our products with the robust Airbus dataset,” Machalek added.

To learn more about One Atlas and how to gain easy access to fresh satellite imagery, please visit

Author: EARSC

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