OHB Technology AG : Antwerp Space signed a contract for developing a next generation of its Earth Observation Advanced Data Acquisition System, OMNISAT-G3

Antwerp Space NV, a subsidiary of OHB AG (ISIN: DE0005936124, Prime Standard), and ESA, the European Space Agency, signed a contract for the design and development of a next generation of the Advanced Data Acquisition System, also known as OMNISAT. The contract has a value of EUR 2.2 million and covers activities for the Earth observation modem activities of Antwerp Space until 2014.

The 3rd generation of the equipment, marketed as OMNISAT-G3, will provide much higher data through-put rates using modern demodulation schemes, capable to receive and demodulate all current and near future satellites transmitting Earth observation data.

Guy Van Dijck, General Manager of Antwerp Space, comments: “Antwerp Space has an established experience for designing and developing high-end modem products like the OMNISAT Earth observation data acquisition system. The award of this contract to develop a next generation of the Earth observation OMNISAT is again a great achievement for the company and shows our commitment to further continue to develop highly specialized modems being used in Space ground segments.”

About Antwerp Space:
Antwerp Space, a member of the OHB Group and belonging to OHB’s Space Systems business unit, develops systems for the European space programs and commercial space applications worldwide. Antwerp Space provides expertise and system solutions for broadband access systems via satellites, satellite ground control stations for the reception of data from observation satellites and for the control of spacecraft, and test systems used during the integration of satellites.


Author: EARSC

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